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I had to see Snow

Look Snow!!!!

Right, so I had this brilliant idea that it would be totally awesome to get some pictures of snow. Yea, so throw a jacket and the camera in the truck and off we go. Hmmm hindsight being what it is…snow equals COLDIt was raining, it was windy and it was freezing. Not enough clothes on – needed thermals!  And on top of that there was just a smattering of the white stuff on the ground. Struggling to keep the door open because of the wind gusts and the rain pelting my head I tried my best to take a few photos. Especially since my sidekick was so willing and supportive of this adventure – thankful for Texas – also did not want Texas to shoot me!! So got a few pics that are pretty good – so thankful for that. Ok onto my 5th cup of warm fluids  as I am still trying to defrost my bones!

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