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Camera and Coffee…the Best of Friends

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I so love my Camera and being behind it. It is a close race as to what I love more, my  Camera or a good Coffee! There are types of days and moments where a Coffee is not only perfect but necessary! Especially after a long night of work! Plus you have the restful enjoyable times like  sitting around a campfire – of course camp coffee always has that extra grit to it!  But I love a cool day and sitting next to a body of water – I love them all: River, Lake, Ocean – and having my favorite, a nice hot Breve. Yum! I am not complicated with the Coffee I love. I do not have a list a mile long when I order, just a good Breve.  I also have fallen in love with a Dark Costa Rican for home because I cannot make a good Breve to save my life lol! So my love to the Baristas and the beautiful scenery! It is a bonus when they go hand in hand!  Off to make a cup! 🙂




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