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To Doppio or Not to Doppio

Hood River has many amazing sights and lots of fun activities. But as you know Coffee is my Muse. So when I found out that Hood River had numerous Coffee Shops…it was on! We tried to visit all the Coffee Shops we could find when we were there. We hit a total of 5 Places – 1 is actually a Bakery but if you are going to sell it (Fancy Coffee) it better be good!

We looked at Reviews of Hood River Coffee Shops and most have very good ratings. However we noticed that Doppio seemed to have a little higher positive response than the others. So of course first stop on our list was Doppio’s! Things to note as to how we decided what we liked and disliked. First off was the Taste, then Atmosphere and Customer Service.


Doppio – First visit – Very Impressed – beautiful design on their Breve. Joanie had their regular coffee over ice. Very smooth but bold and no bitter after taste. Atmosphere was comfortable. Customer Service was friendly-cordial.

Next up…

10 Speed – Second Location – Disappointed – we may have hit 10 Speed at a dead moment – very dead – so I will give the atmosphere a pass. We were the only ones there. The taste of their Coffee really stood out because it was so……so…. unique ….yeah that’s the word (bizarre lol). Joanie won’t try it again but I think I would just out of curiosity! But then again Curiosity killed the Cat!

3rd Round….

Ground – Third Location – Enjoyed – The coffee was great here – nothing off the charts awesome… but a good strong solid taste. I would say Great! Oh I guess I already did! I could see hanging out at Ground and enjoying the atmosphere as well. Customer Service was “OK”.  There were about 4 youngish people behind the counter and one young girl trying to ring us up…and new and trying to learn. The group was more excited about talking to themselves then paying attention to their environment. But they did serve us in a timely fashion and the coffee was…oh yeah Great!


By this time we found ourselves continually saying “Good but not as good as Doppio”. So of course we had to have Doppio again to be able to continue comparisons because taste buds can lie to you when it comes to memory lane!

Doppio – Again –  On our second visit to Doppio – we were not disappointed. Again with the fantastic taste.  The customer service was friendly. I was a little bummed that I did not get a pretty drawing on my Breve but that’s OK. The taste was soooo good!

Time for some sweets…

Pine Street Bakery –  Pine Street Bakery is really yummy! They have everything from sandwiches to cinnamon rolls and all amazing! We wanted to get a treat and tried the Banana Bread Loaf – the best I have ever had! And of course they sell coffee…Order Up! I would classify it as decent! And with a tasty treat that works! However I would not be seeking them out for just a cup of Java!

And then there was 1…

Dog River Coffee – 5th Stop – Torn – The coffee that is sold at Dog River is Stumptown, which is common in Portland and surrounding areas. It is good coffee with a bit of an aftertaste. But I really…really loved the atmosphere at Dog River. It is bigger, which of course helps. But very laid back and enjoyable.

Ah the trip is over …but we will be back!!!

Wrappen’ Up –  So ….bum bum bummmmmm……  Doppio wins hands down and of course we stopped there again on our last day of the trip for the ride home!  Doing some more research we have found a couple of coffee shops we have missed. But never fear Hood River… we shall be back!






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