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Selfie Stick Madness

Wow! Selfie Sticks have been the rage for awhile now. I went and looked at one on sale $19.99 hmmmm too much money. Months go by Christmas comes around Selfie Sticks for $9.99…maybe…nah still too much money.


Selfie Stick Box


Today…today was the day I joined the Selfie Stick Madness…..$5.00 my friends …thats right 5 smackaroos..finally my price range!

Fred Myers is where I was in case anyway feels the urge!


Ok so on opening it up…..we have….duh duh duh….a Stick!

Ha! OK it does come with a camera holder and jack to plug into your phone’s headphone jack.

selfie stick Tools

So I assemble it. Squeeze my phone into the holder. Plug the jack into cell. And …you guessed it … NOTHING! 

Went in search of answers with my best friend Google And as always there is someone, somewhere, that has had the same problem and felt the need to share it with the world.

The answer is….

                               SelfiShop Camera

Head to Google Play and download this puppy! 🙂

Once I loaded this…BaBam! My selfie stick works perfectly! Look out world I am Selfie Stick armed now!

First pic with Selfie…

Me 1st Selfie

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