Magical Crater Lake

Big Blue Crater Lake, Oregon

Crater Lake.

You hear about it the minute you even think of Oregon.

When you hear about something for so long and then you actually get there, often you are disappointed. You feel letdown and it does not meet the expectations that you had in your mind’s eye.

Well let me tell you, I was speechless when I walked up to the first viewpoint and stood there looking at this picturesque scene; it really makes you breathless.

Magnificent Caldera Crater Lake, Oregon

It is such a surreal feeling. Truly you understand why it is rated one of the 7 Wonders of Oregon. I would say it is the #1 Wonder!

The road leading to it begins to prepare you with how massive the caldera truly is. You travel on this long straight road up and up. The forest around you, as you enter Crater Lake National Park, has a lot of history with fighting off forest fires. Yet you can see Mother Nature’s magic in the old growth standing strong and the new growth beginning its journey.

The road becomes a nice sweeping curvy drive. Then it happens…BOOM…you come around a curve and Big Blue is right in front of you! Stop at the first viewpoint on your left. Walk up to the edge and then just let it all sink in.

After you catch your breath, continue driving the rim. It is definitely worth pulling out at each Viewpoint to be able to see different perspectives of Crater Lake. Eventually you come to the Rim Village Historic District and the Crater Lake Lodge.

Crater Lake Wizard Island
Wizard Island Crater Lake, Oregon

I could write novels on how impressive Crater Lake is. Suffice it to say, I look forward to going back. It is a Photographer’s perfect playground!

 Focus on Life! ~ DL


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