Shore Acres State Park

Shore Acres State Park located along the beautiful Cape Arago Highway. At the park you can enjoy a multi seasonal amount of fun.

THRIVE Shore Acres State Park – Charleston, Oregon P118

When you arrive you have the opportunity to go to the viewing area and see the amazing Oregon coast and how unique the rock structures are. The sandstone etching the waves make are artistic and unique.  There is a fully enclosed viewing area if you want to step out of the elements for a bit, but if you walk to the outside edge (you are safe there) the crashing waves hit so hard they vibrate your bones! If you are there in the right season you can whale watch as well. You can find the best dates for the year by looking online. The Whale Watch Week in winter is usually the end of Dec. and the other time when migration is high is usually the end of March.

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In summertime you can walk the beautiful gardens. You can enjoy the blooms alongside a Japanese Garden. The path is a nice easy stroll that anyone can enjoy. Near mid to the end of summer the Rose Garden should be in full bloom! Wonderful treat so make sure you stroll over to it! The adorable little Cottage is usually open with Volunteers offering coffee and cookies. Along the walls downstairs you will see lots of fascinating history of the the area and life back in the day. Also make sure to explore upstairs to get a feel of what type of environment people used to live in. Amazing! Then wander outside to the edge of the garden and take a nice little hiking path down to Simpson Beach. The beach is located in a very secluded cove and it transports you to another place and time. Sometimes there will be seal pups up on the beach enjoying it as well as they wait for their Mom to return! It is a wonderful environment where you have amazing trees, beaches flowers and wildlife all in one!

Simpson cove
SIMPSON BEACH Shore Acres – Charleston, Oregon P177

Winter comes along and sometimes the grey and rain gets to us a little on the Oregon Coast. The best medicine is … go to Shore Acres! Starting Thanksgiving and through New Years Eve the gardens are decorated with lights galore. They have moving images in lights and the Cottage is “Santa-fied”;  you must check out the tub upstairs and enjoy a giggle! Certain nights they have choirs etc. who come in and sing Carols. As always, the volunteers offer coffee and cookies and the Cottage is full of good fun and cheer from all visiting. It is a great pick me up in the middle of the winter. They use thousands of lights in their decorations and start putting lights up months before the display opens. At last count they were up to 325,000 lights, mostly LED. In 2017 there were approximately 75,000 visitors that came to enjoy the garden Light Show!


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So as you can see, Shore Acres is a fun and invigorating place to visit no matter what time of year!


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