Everyone has their degrees of what they think is the bar for when they can say “ we are a success!”

I have had many successful moments with my Photography but a few random events put me over the moon. And I thought it would be good to share how important “You” are to me!

We were in Nye Beach at the Illingworth’s Gift Shop where they have been kind enough to give us a space in which to put our work on commision. As we were doing inventory and putting out some new items there, a customer came into the area and was looking at our canvases and fell in love with Heart of the Ocean. Joanie told her I was the Photographer and if she had any questions to let us know. So we talked about the Ocean color and how at different times of the year we get different hues. She decided to buy the canvas and then asked if I would autograph the card that we attached to the back. Of course I was surprised but more than happy to do so. Then we learned she lives in Chicago so my work will be hanging on her wall in Chicago! So cool!

HEART OF THE OCEAN Depoe Bay, Oregon P309

So we go back to working on inventory – inside I am really stoked that someone wanted my autograph – but trying to focus on the task at hand. Customers come and go. When someone is interested in our work we step out of the way and let them browse. After a bit a lady is loving our Coasters and really likes Test of Time! So she goes off to the register and pays for it and  then comes back to us and asks me to autograph it. Wow! I wasn’t even sure where to sign. So grabbed a marker and signed my name on the cork on the back. it actually looked really cool! And she loved it!

TEST OF TIME Yaquina Lighthouse ~ Newport, Oregon P280

Ok so I am not sure if “Humbling” is the right word, it seems like it should be more like “I’m riding a shooting star across the sky feeling” if there is a word for that. The reason I wanted to share this moment with you is so you would know how much your feedback affects me.

I met a lady who had been to the Peace Harbour Peacehealth Hospital in Florence and said to me, “My husband was in the hospital a few days and your pictures were a comfort and a place I could escape in. Thank you.”

MORNING MIST Florence, Oregon P89

That “high” is beyond words. And it is addicting! But I think this addiction is a good one, for the most part! Because it pushes, encourages and draws me into being better, feeling safe to reach outside the box and keep shooting!

A little peek behind the curtain…There are hundreds of pictures that don’t make the cut. There are times where we plan to go shoot something spend the money to get there and then Mother Nature says “Nope, not happening today!” It is all part of the process. Sometimes that is a hard bone to chew. I get stubborn sometimes and try and pull something out of the images shot. Recently we ran into a huge fire in the area that we had places to shoot. So although we were safe from the fire there was so much smoke in the area it really affected my images. But I am still working on those. Haven’t given up yet!

I know how lucky I am to be able to do this work. I am the typical artist where I get very attached to my images, so when I see them do “good” or even “great” I have a sense of Pride. Along with Pride is another emotion that I am not sure how to label. It comes when a person gets the “feels” from my image. When they say how they feel happy, comforted, excited etc. It warms my heart and is the best feeling in the world!

When it comes down to it I am grateful to all of you for loving my work and for letting us continue to excel! I promise to keep learning and putting out images that I feel represent how it feels to be “There”. That is always my goal! Thank you!

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