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Shore Acres State Park

Shore Acres State Park located along the beautiful Cape Arago Highway. At the park you can enjoy a multi seasonal amount of fun.

THRIVE Shore Acres State Park – Charleston, Oregon P118

When you arrive you have the opportunity to go to the viewing area and see the amazing Oregon coast and how unique the rock structures are. The sandstone etching the waves make are artistic and unique.  There is a fully enclosed viewing area if you want to step out of the elements for a bit, but if you walk to the outside edge (you are safe there) the crashing waves hit so hard they vibrate your bones! If you are there in the right season you can whale watch as well. You can find the best dates for the year by looking online. The Whale Watch Week in winter is usually the end of Dec. and the other time when migration is high is usually the end of March.

JOY – Eugene, Oregon P184

In summertime you can walk the beautiful gardens. You can enjoy the blooms alongside a Japanese Garden. The path is a nice easy stroll that anyone can enjoy. Near mid to the end of summer the Rose Garden should be in full bloom! Wonderful treat so make sure you stroll over to it! The adorable little Cottage is usually open with Volunteers offering coffee and cookies. Along the walls downstairs you will see lots of fascinating history of the the area and life back in the day. Also make sure to explore upstairs to get a feel of what type of environment people used to live in. Amazing! Then wander outside to the edge of the garden and take a nice little hiking path down to Simpson Beach. The beach is located in a very secluded cove and it transports you to another place and time. Sometimes there will be seal pups up on the beach enjoying it as well as they wait for their Mom to return! It is a wonderful environment where you have amazing trees, beaches flowers and wildlife all in one!

Simpson cove
SIMPSON BEACH Shore Acres – Charleston, Oregon P177

Winter comes along and sometimes the grey and rain gets to us a little on the Oregon Coast. The best medicine is … go to Shore Acres! Starting Thanksgiving and through New Years Eve the gardens are decorated with lights galore. They have moving images in lights and the Cottage is “Santa-fied”;  you must check out the tub upstairs and enjoy a giggle! Certain nights they have choirs etc. who come in and sing Carols. As always, the volunteers offer coffee and cookies and the Cottage is full of good fun and cheer from all visiting. It is a great pick me up in the middle of the winter. They use thousands of lights in their decorations and start putting lights up months before the display opens. At last count they were up to 325,000 lights, mostly LED. In 2017 there were approximately 75,000 visitors that came to enjoy the garden Light Show!


DAY BREAKER Shore Acres State Park – Charleston, Oregon P212


So as you can see, Shore Acres is a fun and invigorating place to visit no matter what time of year!


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Drift Creek Falls

An amazing hike and what a gift you get at the end – a suspension bridge that is 100 feet in the air and a waterfall that has a 75 foot drop!

Drift Creek Falls
DRIFT CREEK FALLS Lincoln City, Oregon P199

The trail itself is 1.25 miles to the suspension bridge. I heard a lot of scuttlebutt about how scary the bridge is. It’s not! Once you start crossing it you realize how secure it is and a few feet in your senses are swept away with the stunning view!

Across the Divide - Drift Creek Bridge
ACROSS THE DIVIDE Suspension Bridge – Drift Creek Falls in Lincoln City, Oregon P200

After you cross the suspension bridge it is a short walk, maybe another .25 miles, down to the base of the waterfall. I love how close you can get to this beautiful waterfall. You can feel it in your bones as it thunders over the cliff and drops 75 feet! Looking up you can appreciate how high the suspension bridge is.

Trails End - Drift Creek Falls & Bridge
TRAILS END Drift Creek Falls –  Lincoln City, Oregon P201

After you have enjoyed the atmosphere make sure to explore a little! Drift Creek itself has many beautiful spots. We wandered along the river’s edge a bitand enjoyed those fresh forest smells you only get when you’re in the middle of it. So much to enjoy!

Flow - Drift Creek
FLOW – Drift Creek Falls – Lincoln City, Oregon P202

Overall the hike back to the parking area is about 1.5 miles and although it is uphill most of the way, it is a very comfortable gradual slope. Plus there are 2 benches along the way to be able to relax and take a break if you need to!
I really recommend this hike if you are in the area ….. so worth it!

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Magical Crater Lake

Big Blue Crater Lake, Oregon

Crater Lake.

You hear about it the minute you even think of Oregon.

When you hear about something for so long and then you actually get there, often you are disappointed. You feel letdown and it does not meet the expectations that you had in your mind’s eye.

Well let me tell you, I was speechless when I walked up to the first viewpoint and stood there looking at this picturesque scene; it really makes you breathless.

Magnificent Caldera Crater Lake, Oregon

It is such a surreal feeling. Truly you understand why it is rated one of the 7 Wonders of Oregon. I would say it is the #1 Wonder!

The road leading to it begins to prepare you with how massive the caldera truly is. You travel on this long straight road up and up. The forest around you, as you enter Crater Lake National Park, has a lot of history with fighting off forest fires. Yet you can see Mother Nature’s magic in the old growth standing strong and the new growth beginning its journey.

The road becomes a nice sweeping curvy drive. Then it happens…BOOM…you come around a curve and Big Blue is right in front of you! Stop at the first viewpoint on your left. Walk up to the edge and then just let it all sink in.

After you catch your breath, continue driving the rim. It is definitely worth pulling out at each Viewpoint to be able to see different perspectives of Crater Lake. Eventually you come to the Rim Village Historic District and the Crater Lake Lodge.

Crater Lake Wizard Island
Wizard Island Crater Lake, Oregon

I could write novels on how impressive Crater Lake is. Suffice it to say, I look forward to going back. It is a Photographer’s perfect playground!

 Focus on Life! ~ DL


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Selfie Stick Madness

Wow! Selfie Sticks have been the rage for awhile now. I went and looked at one on sale $19.99 hmmmm too much money. Months go by Christmas comes around Selfie Sticks for $9.99…maybe…nah still too much money.


Selfie Stick Box


Today…today was the day I joined the Selfie Stick Madness…..$5.00 my friends …thats right 5 smackaroos..finally my price range!

Fred Myers is where I was in case anyway feels the urge!


Ok so on opening it up…..we have….duh duh duh….a Stick!

Ha! OK it does come with a camera holder and jack to plug into your phone’s headphone jack.

selfie stick Tools

So I assemble it. Squeeze my phone into the holder. Plug the jack into cell. And …you guessed it … NOTHING! 

Went in search of answers with my best friend Google And as always there is someone, somewhere, that has had the same problem and felt the need to share it with the world.

The answer is….

                               SelfiShop Camera

Head to Google Play and download this puppy! 🙂

Once I loaded this…BaBam! My selfie stick works perfectly! Look out world I am Selfie Stick armed now!

First pic with Selfie…

Me 1st Selfie

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To Doppio or Not to Doppio

Hood River has many amazing sights and lots of fun activities. But as you know Coffee is my Muse. So when I found out that Hood River had numerous Coffee Shops…it was on! We tried to visit all the Coffee Shops we could find when we were there. We hit a total of 5 Places – 1 is actually a Bakery but if you are going to sell it (Fancy Coffee) it better be good!

We looked at Reviews of Hood River Coffee Shops and most have very good ratings. However we noticed that Doppio seemed to have a little higher positive response than the others. So of course first stop on our list was Doppio’s! Things to note as to how we decided what we liked and disliked. First off was the Taste, then Atmosphere and Customer Service.


Doppio – First visit – Very Impressed – beautiful design on their Breve. Joanie had their regular coffee over ice. Very smooth but bold and no bitter after taste. Atmosphere was comfortable. Customer Service was friendly-cordial.

Next up…

10 Speed – Second Location – Disappointed – we may have hit 10 Speed at a dead moment – very dead – so I will give the atmosphere a pass. We were the only ones there. The taste of their Coffee really stood out because it was so……so…. unique ….yeah that’s the word (bizarre lol). Joanie won’t try it again but I think I would just out of curiosity! But then again Curiosity killed the Cat!

3rd Round….

Ground – Third Location – Enjoyed – The coffee was great here – nothing off the charts awesome… but a good strong solid taste. I would say Great! Oh I guess I already did! I could see hanging out at Ground and enjoying the atmosphere as well. Customer Service was “OK”.  There were about 4 youngish people behind the counter and one young girl trying to ring us up…and new and trying to learn. The group was more excited about talking to themselves then paying attention to their environment. But they did serve us in a timely fashion and the coffee was…oh yeah Great!


By this time we found ourselves continually saying “Good but not as good as Doppio”. So of course we had to have Doppio again to be able to continue comparisons because taste buds can lie to you when it comes to memory lane!

Doppio – Again –  On our second visit to Doppio – we were not disappointed. Again with the fantastic taste.  The customer service was friendly. I was a little bummed that I did not get a pretty drawing on my Breve but that’s OK. The taste was soooo good!

Time for some sweets…

Pine Street Bakery –  Pine Street Bakery is really yummy! They have everything from sandwiches to cinnamon rolls and all amazing! We wanted to get a treat and tried the Banana Bread Loaf – the best I have ever had! And of course they sell coffee…Order Up! I would classify it as decent! And with a tasty treat that works! However I would not be seeking them out for just a cup of Java!

And then there was 1…

Dog River Coffee – 5th Stop – Torn – The coffee that is sold at Dog River is Stumptown, which is common in Portland and surrounding areas. It is good coffee with a bit of an aftertaste. But I really…really loved the atmosphere at Dog River. It is bigger, which of course helps. But very laid back and enjoyable.

Ah the trip is over …but we will be back!!!

Wrappen’ Up –  So ….bum bum bummmmmm……  Doppio wins hands down and of course we stopped there again on our last day of the trip for the ride home!  Doing some more research we have found a couple of coffee shops we have missed. But never fear Hood River… we shall be back!






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Camera and Coffee…the Best of Friends

Profile Pic 2

I so love my Camera and being behind it. It is a close race as to what I love more, my  Camera or a good Coffee! There are types of days and moments where a Coffee is not only perfect but necessary! Especially after a long night of work! Plus you have the restful enjoyable times like  sitting around a campfire – of course camp coffee always has that extra grit to it!  But I love a cool day and sitting next to a body of water – I love them all: River, Lake, Ocean – and having my favorite, a nice hot Breve. Yum! I am not complicated with the Coffee I love. I do not have a list a mile long when I order, just a good Breve.  I also have fallen in love with a Dark Costa Rican for home because I cannot make a good Breve to save my life lol! So my love to the Baristas and the beautiful scenery! It is a bonus when they go hand in hand!  Off to make a cup! 🙂




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I had to see Snow

Look Snow!!!!

Right, so I had this brilliant idea that it would be totally awesome to get some pictures of snow. Yea, so throw a jacket and the camera in the truck and off we go. Hmmm hindsight being what it is…snow equals COLDIt was raining, it was windy and it was freezing. Not enough clothes on – needed thermals!  And on top of that there was just a smattering of the white stuff on the ground. Struggling to keep the door open because of the wind gusts and the rain pelting my head I tried my best to take a few photos. Especially since my sidekick was so willing and supportive of this adventure – thankful for Texas – also did not want Texas to shoot me!! So got a few pics that are pretty good – so thankful for that. Ok onto my 5th cup of warm fluids  as I am still trying to defrost my bones!

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The other side of 4am

Working on our new updated website tonight or I should say this morning. Why is it that it is so hard to get up in the morning but yet so easy to stay up all night? I can’t help it and I am sure you can relate with whatever you enjoy. Could be video games, watching the whole Season on NetFlix or even reading that next chapter of some awesome book until you end up finishing it. Thankfully someone created coffee. On that note it is 4:15 am and there are still some more things I want to learn and play with before I give into the Time Lord of Sleep!